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# Copyright 2013 The Distro Tracker Developers
# See the COPYRIGHT file at the top-level directory of this distribution and
# at
# This file is part of Distro Tracker. It is subject to the license terms
# in the LICENSE file found in the top-level directory of this
# distribution and at No part of Distro Tracker,
# including this file, may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed
# except according to the terms contained in the LICENSE file.
Settings for the admin panel for the models defined in the
:mod:`distro_tracker.core` app.
from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.core.validators import URLValidator

import requests

from distro_tracker.core.models import (
from distro_tracker.core.retrieve_data import (

from .models import Repository

[docs]def validate_sources_list_entry(value): """ A custom validator for the sources.list entry form field. Makes sure that it follows the correct syntax and that the specified Web resource is available. :param value: The value of the sources.list entry which needs to be validated :raises ValidationError: Giving the validation failure message. """ split = value.split(None, 3) if len(split) < 3: raise ValidationError("Invalid syntax: all parts not found.") repository_type, url, name = split[:3] if repository_type not in ('deb', 'deb-src'): raise ValidationError( "Invalid syntax: the line must start with deb or deb-src") url_validator = URLValidator() try: url_validator(url) except ValidationError: raise ValidationError("Invalid repository URL") # Check whether a Release file even exists. if url.endswith('/'): url = url.rstrip('/') try: response = requests.head(Repository.release_file_url(url, name), allow_redirects=True) except requests.exceptions.Timeout: raise ValidationError( "Invalid repository: Could not connect to {url}." " Request timed out.".format(url=url)) except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: raise ValidationError( "Invalid repository: Could not connect to {url} due to a network" " problem. The URL may not exist or is refusing to receive" " connections.".format(url=url)) except requests.exceptions.HTTPError: raise ValidationError( "Invalid repository:" " Received an invalid HTTP response from {url}.".format(url=url)) except Exception: raise ValidationError( "Invalid repository: Could not connect to {url}".format(url=url)) if response.status_code != 200: raise ValidationError( "Invalid repository: No Release file found. " "received a {status_code} HTTP response code.".format( status_code=response.status_code))
[docs]class RepositoryAdminForm(forms.ModelForm): """ A custom :class:`ModelForm <django.forms.ModelForm>` used for creating and modifying :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.Repository>` model instances. The class adds the ability to enter only a sources.list entry describing the repository and other properties of the repository are automatically filled in by using the ``Release`` file of the repository. """ #: The additional form field which allows entring the sources.list entry sources_list_entry = forms.CharField( required=False, help_text="You can enter a sources.list formatted entry and have the" " rest of the fields automatically filled by using the " "Release file of the repository.", max_length=200, widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={ 'size': 100, }), validators=[ validate_sources_list_entry, ] ) flags = forms.MultipleChoiceField( required=False, widget=forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple, choices=RepositoryFlag.FLAG_NAMES)
[docs] class Meta: model = Repository exclude = ( 'position', 'source_packages', )
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): # Inject initial data for flags field initial = kwargs.get('initial', {}) instance = kwargs.get('instance', None) if instance is None: flags = RepositoryFlag.FLAG_DEFAULT_VALUES else: flags = instance.get_flags() initial['flags'] = [ flag_name for flag_name in flags if flags[flag_name] ] kwargs['initial'] = initial super(RepositoryAdminForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) # Fields can't be required if we want to support different methods of # setting their value through the same form (sources.list and directly) # The clean method makes sure that they are set in the end. # So, save originally required fields in order to check them later. self.original_required_fields = [] for name, field in self.fields.items(): if field.required: field.required = False self.original_required_fields.append(name) # These fields are always required self.fields['name'].required = True self.fields['shorthand'].required = True
[docs] def clean(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Overrides the :meth:`clean <django.forms.ModelForm.clean>` method of the parent class to allow validating the form based on the sources.list entry, not only the model fields. """ self.cleaned_data = super(RepositoryAdminForm, self).clean(*args, **kwargs) if 'sources_list_entry' not in self.cleaned_data: # Sources list entry was given to the form but it failed # validation. return self.cleaned_data # Check if the entry was not even given if not self.cleaned_data['sources_list_entry']: # If not, all the fields required by the model must be found # instead for name in self.original_required_fields: self.fields[name].required = True self._clean_fields() else: # If it was given, need to make sure now that the Relase file # contains usable data. try: repository_info = retrieve_repository_info( self.cleaned_data['sources_list_entry']) except InvalidRepositoryException: raise ValidationError("The Release file was invalid.") # Use the data to construct a Repository object. self.cleaned_data.update(repository_info) # Architectures have to be matched with their primary keys self.cleaned_data['architectures'] = [ Architecture.objects.get(name=architecture_name).pk for architecture_name in self.cleaned_data['architectures'] if Architecture.objects.filter(name=architecture_name).exists() ] return self.cleaned_data
[docs]class RepositoryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """ Actual configuration for the :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.Repository>` admin panel. """
[docs] class Media: """ Add extra Javascript resources to the page in order to support drag-and-drop repository position modification. """ js = ( 'js/jquery.min.js', 'js/jquery-ui.min.js', 'js/admin-list-reorder.js', )
form = RepositoryAdminForm # Sections the form in multiple parts fieldsets = [ (None, { 'fields': [ 'name', 'shorthand', ] }), ('sources.list entry', { 'fields': [ 'sources_list_entry', ] }), ('Repository information', { 'fields': [ 'uri', 'public_uri', 'codename', 'suite', 'components', 'architectures', 'default', 'optional', 'binary', 'source', ] }), ('Repository flags', { 'fields': [ 'flags', ] }), ] #: Gives a list of fields which should be displayed as columns in the #: list of existing #: :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.Repository>` instances. list_display = ( 'name', 'shorthand', 'codename', 'uri', 'components_string', 'architectures_string', 'default', 'optional', 'binary', 'source', 'position', 'flags_string', ) ordering = ( 'position', ) list_editable = ( 'position', )
[docs] def save_model(self, request, obj, form, change): if not change and obj.position == 0: obj.position = Repository.objects.count() + 1 if 'flags' not in form.cleaned_data: return for flag in RepositoryFlag.FLAG_DEFAULT_VALUES: value = flag in form.cleaned_data['flags'] try: repo_flag = obj.flags.get(name=flag) repo_flag.value = value except RepositoryFlag.DoesNotExist: obj.flags.create(name=flag, value=value)
[docs] def components_string(self, obj): """ Helper method for displaying Repository objects. Turns the components list into a display-friendly string. :param obj: The repository whose components are to be formatted :type obj: :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.Repository>` """ return ' '.join(obj.components)
components_string.short_description = 'components'
[docs] def architectures_string(self, obj): """ Helper method for displaying Repository objects. Turns the architectures list into a display-friendly string. :param obj: The repository whose architectures are to be formatted :type obj: :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.Repository>` """ return ' '.join(map(str, obj.architectures.all()))
architectures_string.short_description = 'architectures'
[docs] def flags_string(self, obj): return ' '.join("{}={}".format(, x.value) for x in obj.flags.all())
flags_string.short_description = 'Flags'
[docs]class RepositoryRelationAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """ Actual configuration for the :class:`Repository <distro_tracker.core.models.RepositoryRelation>` admin panel. """ list_display = ( 'repository', 'name', 'target_repository', ), RepositoryAdmin), RepositoryRelationAdmin)