Source code for distro_tracker.core.forms

# Copyright 2013-2018 The Distro Tracker Developers
# See the COPYRIGHT file at the top-level directory of this distribution and
# at
# This file is part of Distro Tracker. It is subject to the license terms
# in the LICENSE file found in the top-level directory of this
# distribution and at No part of Distro Tracker,
# including this file, may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed
# except according to the terms contained in the LICENSE file.
"""Forms for the :mod:`distro_tracker.core` app."""
from django import forms
from django.conf import settings
from django.template.defaultfilters import slugify

from distro_tracker.accounts.models import UserEmail
from distro_tracker.core.models import SourcePackageName, Team

[docs]class CreateTeamForm(forms.ModelForm): maintainer_email = forms.EmailField( required=False, help_text='All packages having this email address listed in the ' 'Maintainer or Uploaders fields will be automatically added ' 'to the team.' )
[docs] class Meta: model = Team fields = ( 'name', 'slug', 'public', 'description', 'url', ) labels = { 'public': 'Visible in the list of teams and free to join by anyone', } help_texts = { 'slug': 'Used in the URL (/teams/<em>identifier</em>/) and in the ' 'associated email address ' 'team+<em>identifier</em>@{}.'.format( settings.DISTRO_TRACKER_FQDN), }
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(CreateTeamForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.fields['slug'].required = self.is_update()
[docs] def is_update(self): return hasattr(self, 'instance') and is not None
[docs] def clean(self): """ Provides a default value for the slug field based on the given team name, but only if the team is only just being created (not an update of an existing instance). """ cleaned_data = super(CreateTeamForm, self).clean() if not self.is_update(): if not cleaned_data['slug'] and 'name' in cleaned_data: cleaned_data['slug'] = slugify(cleaned_data['name']) return cleaned_data
[docs] def save(self, *args, **kwargs): # Create a maintainer email instance based on the email given to the # form. if 'maintainer_email' in self.cleaned_data: if self.cleaned_data['maintainer_email']: maintainer_email, _ = UserEmail.objects.get_or_create( email=self.cleaned_data['maintainer_email']) self.instance.maintainer_email = maintainer_email else: self.instance.maintainer_email = None # The instance needs to be saved before many-to-many relations can # reference it. instance = super(CreateTeamForm, self).save(commit=True) # If the maintainer email is set, associate all packages maintained # by that email to the team. if not instance.maintainer_email: return instance filter_kwargs = { 'source_package_versions__maintainer__contributor_email__email': ( instance.maintainer_email ) } packages = SourcePackageName.objects.filter(**filter_kwargs) packages = packages.distinct() # Add all the packages to the team's set instance.packages.add(*packages) return instance
[docs]class AddTeamMemberForm(forms.Form): email = forms.EmailField()