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# Copyright 2013 The Distro Tracker Developers
# See the COPYRIGHT file at the top-level directory of this distribution and
# at
# This file is part of Distro Tracker. It is subject to the license terms
# in the LICENSE file found in the top-level directory of this
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Defines models specific for the :py:mod:`distro_tracker.mail` app.
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models

from distro_tracker.core.models import (

from django_email_accounts.models import UserEmailManager

[docs]class CommandConfirmationManager(ConfirmationManager): """ A custom manager for the :py:class:`CommandConfirmation` model. """
[docs] def create_for_commands(self, commands): """ Creates a :py:class:`CommandConfirmation` object for the given commands. :param commands: An iterable of commands for which a confirmation is requested. :raises distro_tracker.mail.models.CommandConfirmationException: If it is unable to generate a unique key. """ commands = '\n'.join(commands) return self.create_confirmation(commands, **{ 'commands': commands, })
[docs]class CommandConfirmation(Confirmation): """ A model representing pending confirmations for email interface commands. """ commands = models.TextField() objects = CommandConfirmationManager() def __str__(self): return self.commands @property def command_list(self): """ :return: A list of strings representing commands which are confirmed by this instance. """ return self.commands.splitlines()
[docs]class UserEmailBounceStatsManager(UserEmailManager): """ A custom :py:class:`Manager <django.db.models.Manager>` for the :py:class:`UserEmailBounceStats` model. """
[docs] def get_bounce_stats(self, email, date): """ Gets the :py:class:`UserEmailBounceStats` instance for the given :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` on the given ``date`` :param email: The email of the :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` :type email: string :param date: The date of the required stats :type date: :py:class:`datetime.datetime` """ user = self.get(email__iexact=email) bounce_stats, created = user.bouncestats_set.get_or_create(date=date) if created: self.limit_bounce_information(email) return bounce_stats
[docs] def add_bounce_for_user(self, email, date): """ Registers a bounced email for a given :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` :param email: The email of the :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` for which a bounce will be logged :type email: string :param date: The date of the bounce :type date: :py:class:`datetime.datetime` """ bounce_stats = self.get_bounce_stats(email, date) bounce_stats.mails_bounced += 1
[docs] def add_sent_for_user(self, email, date): """ Registers a sent email for a given :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` :param email: The email of the :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` for which a sent email will be logged :type email: string :param date: The date of the sent email :type date: :py:class:`datetime.datetime` """ bounce_stats = self.get_bounce_stats(email, date) bounce_stats.mails_sent += 1
[docs] def limit_bounce_information(self, email): """ Makes sure not to keep more records than the number of days set by DISTRO_TRACKER_MAX_DAYS_TOLERATE_BOUNCE """ user = self.get(email__iexact=email) days = settings.DISTRO_TRACKER_MAX_DAYS_TOLERATE_BOUNCE for info in user.bouncestats_set.all()[days:]: info.delete()
[docs]class UserEmailBounceStats(UserEmail): """ A proxy model for the :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` model. It is defined in order to implement additional bounce stats-related methods without needlessly adding them to the public interface of :py:class:`UserEmail <distro_tracker.core.models.UserEmail>` when only the :py:mod:`distro_tracker.mail.dispatch` app should use them. """ class Meta: proxy = True objects = UserEmailBounceStatsManager()
[docs] def has_too_many_bounces(self): """ Checks if the user has too many bounces. """ days = settings.DISTRO_TRACKER_MAX_DAYS_TOLERATE_BOUNCE count = 0 for stats in self.bouncestats_set.all()[:days]: # If no mails were sent on a particular day nothing could bounce if stats.mails_sent: if stats.mails_bounced >= stats.mails_sent: count += 1 return count == days
[docs]class BounceStats(models.Model): """ A model representing a user's bounce statistics. It stores the number of sent and bounced mails for a particular date. """ user_email = models.ForeignKey(UserEmailBounceStats, on_delete=models.CASCADE) mails_sent = models.IntegerField(default=0) mails_bounced = models.IntegerField(default=0) date = models.DateField() class Meta: ordering = ['-date'] unique_together = ('user_email', 'date') def __str__(self): return ( 'Got {bounced} bounces out of {sent} ' 'mails to {email} on {date}'.format( email=self.user_email,, sent=self.mails_sent, bounced=self.mails_bounced) )