vendor Package

vendor Package

An app which enables Distro Tracker to access vendor-specific functionality.

Vendors can define their own specific set of rules for mail dispatch and the Web interface or provide additional data which Distro Tracker can plug in to appropriate functions.

Each rule should be implemented as a callable which takes a defined set of arguments with a predefined name. The supported callables are listed in the distro_tracker.vendor.skeleton.rules module of the distro_tracker.vendor.skeleton package which can serve as a starting point for the implementation of the vendor-specific functions.


You should copy this package to a new directory and give it a descriptive name.


Make sure the package is a valid Django app.

common Module

A module which defines functions to allow other parts of Distro Tracker to hook into the vendor-specific functionality.

exception distro_tracker.vendor.common.InvalidPluginException[source]

Bases: Exception

exception distro_tracker.vendor.common.PluginProcessingError[source]

Bases: RuntimeError, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Function which executes the vendor-specific function with the given name by passing it the given arguments.

It returns a tuple (result, implemented) where the values represent:

  • result – the corresponding function’s return value. If the function was not found, None is given.
  • implemented – a Boolean indicating whether the package implements the given function. This way clients can differentiate between functions with no return value and non-implemented functions.
Parameters:name – The name of the vendor-specific function that should be called.

Returns a callable object from the vendor-provided module based on the string name given as the parameter. If no callable object with the given name is found in the vendor module an exception is raised.

Parameters:name (string) – The name of the callable which should be returned

models Module

tests Module

Tests for the distro_tracker.vendor app.

The test suite automatically includes any tests available in a tests module of all subpackages.

class distro_tracker.vendor.tests.DispatchBaseNoVendorModuleTest(methodName='runTest')[source]

Bases: distro_tracker.mail.tests.tests_dispatch.DispatchBaseTest

Tests that the base dispatch tests pass even when there is no vendor specific module set.


Helper function returns all subpackages of the distro_tracker.vendor package.


Returns a list of all django.test.SimpleTestCase subclasses from the given module.

Parameters:tests_module – The module from which django.test.SimpleTestCase should be extracted.

Loads tests found in all subpackages of the distro_tracker.vendor package.